Never Miss Another HVAC Customer Call Again!

Did you know that 75% of customers calling you will not leave a voicemail?

On average, 85% of those people will not call you again.

Source: High Level Marketing Study

It really is true that you don’t know what you don’t know. Before I enrolled with HVAC Hero Pro Tools I was spending a good part of my day chasing leads and returning calls. Now, that is all done for me and I love it!

~Terry Fowler

About Our System

This HVAC Hero Pro Tool was built for the HVAC contractor, by an HVAC team with over 10 years of testing and growing HVAC companies. Imagine having a system that will take care of every step of the customer calling, booking, reminder, and follow up processes for you!

Our HVAC Hero Pro Tool will:

  • Answer ALL of your calls, (NO MORE VOICE MAIL or HANGUPS)

  • Qualify every caller as someone that is the owner of the property

  • Qualify that their property is located in your service area zip code

  • Qualify them as someone that needs HVAC repairs or equipment replacement

  • Book their appointment on your calendar

  • Send a customer reminder text when you are 30 minutes from their location

  • Send a follow-up to confirm they were happy with your service

  • Send a Google review request to all happy customers

  • Send you a notice of anyone who was not happy to prevent a bad review

Click below to experience one of our Live AI Robots answering an HVAC call

“My role as one of the LIVE people is to oversee all of our Robots to make sure that they are up and running and performing at 100% for our HVAC contractors. All of our AI assistants “learn” as they go. Your system will get better every day that they work for you! ”

Christopher Roberts - Live Chat Specialist


About the Technology

Your super-smart AI assistant starts with a natural conversation flow ability. It already knows and understands the top 99 HVAC questions, even if the customer does not ask the question the same way it was coded.


Customer: “Can you guys come out today and fix my ice box? It’s not cooling properly.”

AI Answer: “Is your question, ‘can we come out today to fix your air conditioning unit?”

Customer: “Yes my AC is not cooling”

AI Answer: “Yes, we can help you. Let me start by asking you, what is the zip code of the property that needs help?”

As advanced as our HVAC Hero Tools are, the solution that they provide is very simple.

Step One

We answer your calls

Step Two

We book your appointments

Step Three

We notify you and your customers

Step Four

We harvest Google reviews for you on autopilot


What they say about HVAC Hero Pro Tools

We could not be happier with this new system. 1st it has been built from the ground up for HVAC contractors. These people really understand my business. The HVAC Hero Pro Tools is like having an entire office staff that works 24/7. Not one legitimate lead has fallen through the cracks! I even get a weekly report that shows me everything that happened that past week. They even weed out all of those annoying fake calls so I don’t have to deal with them, ever! Give it a try!

Andrew Stewart

The fastest and easiest way to see how the HVAC Hero Pro Tools can and will help your HVAC company is to watch our quick demo video. Click here, you will be glad that you did, I promise.

About Our System

Helping you make more money, in less time!

  • The HVAC Hero Pro Tools will replace any live person answering your phone

  • We will screen your calls and eliminate 100% of those annoying fake calls

  • We capture every legitimate customer and book them to your calendar

  • We remind the customer of their appointment

  • We send a Customer Satisfaction Survey to every customer

  • We send a Google review request to all happy customers

  • You will have more time to manage and grow your business!

About Our System

Helping you focus on your HVAC business by managing your phones, calendar, and customer follow up!

  • The HVAC Hero Pro Tools will be the best support team you have ever had

  • We will answer your calls 24/7 without anyone having to work the nightshift

  • We follow up with customers to make sure that they were happy

  • We send a Google review request to all happy customers to build your online reputation

Our customers love our product.

Here's why:

Become The Leader In The HVAC Industry!

Moving your HVAC business all the way into the 21st century will free you up to focus 100% on your business. You will have more energy at the end of your day because you will not have to return lots of missed calls and sales opportunities while you were fixing someone’s HVAC system.

You will have a family life again because you will not have to live on your phone while you can be eating dinner with your family. Your customers will love the fact that you have a system that follows up with them and that you don’t use voicemail!

We were early with using the HVAC Hero Pro Tools. We had a few little issues but the Heroes' team was great and now the system runs flawlessly. When I do need to talk with a potential customer before going on the appointment it is always because they have an old or odd system and they just need to know that we can fix it. What’s really cool is that the Heroes' system actually books me an appointment to talk with the customer so I don’t have to play “telephone tag” with them. They are waiting for my call. If your main business is HVAC, get this system working for you as soon as you can!

Jose Hernandez

You Are Protected With Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee!

Try our HVAC Hero Pro Tool for 30 full days. If you are not completely satisfied with our system, for ANY reason, we will return your system to the way it was, and we will refund your money! What could be safer or more fair than that? Book your demo call now. You will be really glad that you did, we promise!

Questions? Watch Our Demo.

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